1. Can you define Cialis?
Answer- Cialis is a special drug classified as a male supplement. As such, it is a drug that is used to treat, manage and control erectile dysfunction and low sexual drive among men.

2. Question- What are the ingredients in Cialis?
Answer- Unlike most other supplements, Cialis does not contain sildenafil as its main ingredient. Instead it contains Tadalafil, an ingredient that is closely related to sildenafil and which works in ways that are almost similar to the latter.

3. Question- Who is Cialis designed for?
Answer- In the past Cialis was primarily considered a male only supplement and that meant only men with erectile dysfunction were able to use it. But a lot of research has been conducted on the subject lately and female versions are being developed.

4. Question- Is Cialis safe to use?
Answer- While Cialis is primarily a safe drug with no serious known side effects, it is still a drug and therefore has the potential to be abused. That is when it becomes dangerous.

5. Question- Can you buy Cialis over the counter?
Answer- Cialis is a prescription drug. By definition, that means that the drug should only be purchased with a prescription from a qualified doctor regardless of the point of purchase. And yes, it can be bought over the counter.

6. Question- Can you buy Cialis online?
Answer- like everything else these days, Cialis is available for purchase across multiple online platforms. But not all the platforms are genuine pharmacies or vendors so a lot of caution needs to be exercised when making such a purchase.

7. Question- How long does Cialis last?
Answer- the effects of Cialis can take different durations set in and to fade off completely depending on a number of factors. Generally speaking though they can usually last for up to 36 hours before they fade off completely.

8. Question- Are there generic brands of Cialis?
Answer- Genuine Cialis is hard to come by and can be quite expensive when you find it. Naturally that kind of shortage can lead to exploitation and therefore there are numerous generic versions of the drug in the market that might not work at all.