5 Simple Morning Workout Exercises to Start Your Day With.

How you start your morning can have very diverse consequences to how that day will generally be for you. Just the same way you must take a shower or brush your teeth in the morning; you can adopt a scheduled practice of simple morning workouts. They will help you open up your mind and be ready for the day’s job.

Pushups and sit ups

The very moment you have woken up, engage in several sit ups still no the bed. At first, don’t concern yourself much about the number of total sit ups that you will possibly achieve. It will improve with time. Then, move out of the bed to a flat floor, like in your sitting room floor and do several pushups all while you get ready to start preparing your breakfast. This helps your muscle to strain a bit, after having been inactive for the hours you have spent sleeping.

Cat and camel stretch

You will find that your back most of the times feel kind of fatigued when you wake in the morning. This is why waking up is associated with stretching. The best way to do the stretching is by the cat camel technique of stretching. This technique needs that you kneel on a flat ground. Raise your back, as if you are trying to look directly at your belly while still kneeling. You back will acquire a raised position, like it is in camels. From there, lower your raised back, such that your neck and head will be above the actual center of your back, like cats do when hunting. This will actually work to give the stretching feeling you feel need of when waking up.

Jogs and walks

Always ensure to take a walk in the mornings. It can be something as simple as going to a shop to a street next to where you live. You can also decide to actively go for a jogging session, even if it is inside your compound. Most people prefer to go for a running session for a timed duration. That is also a good strategy. It helps your body secrete any sweat particles that probably got stuck inside or just outside your sweat pores. It also gets your body active, ready to start that day’s schedule.

Jumping jacks

This is another strategy to start your day with. Jumping jacks relax any muscle that may have been strained when you were sleeping. It requires that you put your feet together, then jump while at the same times spreading both your arms and legs outwards in a uniform pattern.


This is not the typical squatting we are used to. Here, try to squat by not getting below the knees. At the same time, spread your arms and attempt to stand and squatting repeatedly. You will actually feel the effects immediately, as your back and legs muscles align back to their initial positions.