5 Must Know Facts about Vasectomy.

Vasectomy is one of the most effective long term methods of family planning. It involves a surgical operation, where the vessels (vas deferens) that carry sperm form the testis to the urethra are disconnected or surgically cut. This means that the individual will not be able to ejaculate there onwards. It takes time to come to the decision to go for vasectomy. Whenever considering the decision, here are the top 5 must know facts.

It practically hurts

As we have already said, vasectomy is a surgical operation. It actually means that your Vas Deferens will be cut, and both pends tied in a surgical method. The operation is painful when it is ongoing and even after the operation has gone through successfully. It should not be taken to mean that the pain being talked about here is like the ‘cutting your finger pain’. It means that you will actually feel that something is being cut down there. But doctors always make sure that patients will encounter the minimum pain possible.

It is semi-permanent

There have been cases where patients have had their vasectomy operation reversed. The process is expensive however. It would demand you to part with an average of about $4500 to reverse the process. To make it even more complicated, there is a higher reported percentage in the attempt cases of reversing vasectomy. This problem can be greatly avoided by really considering all the underlying and involved issues before going for vasectomy.

Sterility does not come immediately

Since the ducts leading from the actual sperm manufacturing base to the outside of the urethra is very long, there are some sperm which get hold in that duct. Even when you have had a vasectomy, you will probably still be fertile up to about 15 ejaculations. Note that you will not having empty ejaculations all together. You will only miss sperm, but other secretions of the prostate gland will still be available.

You will still have your libido

The only thing that vasectomy takes away is the ability to actively transfer you sperm into a woman’s fertility system. If you had a good and sufficient libido before going for the cut, that level of libido will still be maintained. In fact, it can even work by increasing the libido. This is because it will take the stress of having to worry about unplanned for pregnancies. It will also take away the effects of low and bad moods brought by female contraceptives.

Potential causal of heart attacks and prostate cancer

After the vasectomy procedure has been carried out successfully, other issues arise immediately. These issues include production of proteins called anti-sperm defenses. They act like normal antibodies, only that this time they directly attack the body’s immune system. So far, it has not been directly worked out why vasectomy leads to heart attacks. The process has also been said to increase the chances of developing prostate cancer.